Reading is Key

The teaching of reading is one of the most vital roles teachers have and at Churchfields Junior School it is our mission to ensure every child can read fluently and comprehend what they are reading by the time they leave.


Research has found that a child’s reading ability is one of the greatest indicators of how successful they will be in later life, yet the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development estimates that about 20% of 15-year-olds in developed countries
lack the basic literacy skills meaning they struggle to participate in society.

What is Phonics?

The first step in reading is being to decipher the text on the page which then leads to decoding the meaning of the printed words on the page. Within English we use an alphabetic system of writing system means that the visual symbols represent the sounds of the language. To be a successful reader, three sets of skills needed to be acquired: decoding the alphabetic code; become fluent at recognising the words; and understanding written text.


What the Read Write Inc. phonics programme does is teach the children how to read these words independently, understanding the relationship between printed words and spoken language. It is the first step in the child’s reading journey and lays the foundations for the comprehension and understanding that follows; in short, without the ability to read the words, then the ability to understand cannot be achieved.

What is Read Write Inc?

Read Write Inc. is the phonics scheme that we have chosen to help the children who start in Year having not passed the phonics test in Year 1 or Year 2, to develop their reading skills and ‘catch up’ with their peers. It provides a systematic and methodical approach to the teaching of phonics. It uses effective assessment and has high quality resources and training meaning teachers are very confident at teaching high quality lessons. Furthermore, this particular scheme has been recommended by the DfE due to its detail and quality.

What Are We Doing?

We provide 1 to 1 or small group teaching of phonics through the Read Write Inc. phonics scheme. Teachers within the school have been trained to teach phonics effectively and to ensure the children involved in the programme progress quickly to ‘catch up’ with their peers.


Throughout the week, the children in the programme learn new sounds, learn to read words by sight and blending sounds to improve their fluency. The children follow a carefully planned scheme of work that scaffolds their learning, building upon their previous knowledge and allowing them to rapidly improve their reading skills. The teaching phonics is just one part of what we do as a school to improve reading but its importance to the children involved cannot be understated. Without this phonetical knowledge that our skilled teachers are imparting on the selected children, high levels of literacy would be impossible.

Teacher and child looking at writing