Music Videos

4th November 2015

Autumn by Vivaldi

Autumn by Vivaldi This familiar Baroque piece gave the instrumentalists a chance to show off their skills. It just goes to show what is possible under the baton of a gifted conductor!
4th November 2015

Harvest Drums by 5C

Harvest Drums by 5C The children's work on rhythmic notation led them to create their own harvest piece on the djembes, based on the names of fruits.
4th November 2015

The Petals Drop Composed by 5W

The children were given a restricted set of notes based on the Dorian mode and an AABA structure and asked to compose their own melody to this wistful poem about Autumn.

4th November 2015

The Woods in Autumn by 5S

The children captured the contrasting moods of this Autumn poem with their own melody, which alternates between major and minor.

4th June 2015

ITV Competition Entry

Upper School Choir rehearse “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” which was their entry for ITV’s school choir competition.