Music Videos

8th June 2016

Zadok the Priest by Handel

Zadok has long been a favourite with children, adults and football supporters! The long build up to the entry by the choir is an exercise in maintaining a slow, controlled beat.

8th June 2016

Chariots of Fire by Vangelis

An impressive number of children managed to perform the entire melody on glockenspiels. Well done, also, to the instrumentalists on the back row.

8th June 2016

Upper School Choir Perform at Churchfields Infants’ School

Probably the biggest performance at the infants school the Upper School Choir have managed. 3 very different songs. The first was “Where Words Fail”, a song written for the choirs at the Royal Albert Hall, usually for 1,000 children to sing. The second a very contemporary Beyonce song with moves and harmonies thrown in. Finally […]

19th May 2016

Lower School Choir

It's always daunting to go back and perform to their old teachers, but the Lower School amazed them all. They performed the musical theatre numbers "Food Glorious Food" from "Oliver",with movement (hard to do both) and "When I grow Up" from "Matilda", with beautiful harmonies. They worked really hard and their performance reflected that.
6th May 2016

Brass Performance

Our pupils were keen to show you their brass performances.  How many different brass instruments can you name?

20th April 2016

Violin Video

Our talented violinists ranging from year 3 to Year 6 love to entertain on their violins.

18th March 2016


The orchestra perform at Churchfields Infants’ School Assembly.  Every year a new orchestra forms, rehearsing every Thursday lunchtime. 

17th March 2016


Choir Rehearse for Royal Albert Hall Choral Festival  
9th March 2016

Cello Performances

The cello is one of the most popular instruments at Churchfields.  In their performances the children love to express themselves and show what their hours of practise leads to.

30th January 2016

4D Christmas Bells

Can you recognise the tune that 4D performed at the Christmas Concert?  They used both handbells and chime bars.

6th January 2016

Christmas Carol Concert by Year 6

Year 6 performed a magical Christmas concert at St Mary’s Church.  It included choral singing, orchestral music, dancing and poetry.

6th January 2016

Silent Night by 4N

4N performed a magical ‘Silent Night’ at the Year 4 Christmas Concert.