Music Videos

20th December 2017

4B Christmas All Around the World

When 4B started to discuss their ideas about Christmas many of the children mentioned ways they have celebrated Christmas in different countries. Albania, Poland, Jamaica and India were some of the countries that were mentioned. So they decided to make a song about this.

20th December 2017

4K It’s the Best Day of the Year

4K were full of great Christmas ideas and their song really reflects the joy and excitement of Christmas. The song is quite complex as it has a real change of mood for the more reflective section on the words,’ Next Christmas we’ll have lots of fun’.

20th December 2017

4E Christmas is Coming

4E’s song is all about the anticipation of Christmas. The words, ‘Christmas is coming’ became the basis for the composition. They decided to use an echo effect on these words by dividing the singing into two groups. This technique really brought sparkle to the song.

18th October 2017

5S Harvest Festival Composition – The Story

When talking about harvest 5S began to discuss all the things that could go wrong with a farmers harvest and the importance of the decision as to when to bring the crops in. The song developed into a story type of song.

18th October 2017

5Ek Harvest Festival Composition – Get Your Tools Out

This song is all about the hard work needed to get the crops in. There are many good rhymes including, ’It’s so back breaking but we’ve got to do some raking’. The energy and fast tempo of the song reflects the need for fast and hard work.

18th October 2017

5Ed Harvest Festival Composition – Combine Harvester

5Ed came up with a very evocative image of a, ‘Combine harvester, working through the night’. This image of the lonely machine ploughing on seemed to suggest a minor key and the class quickly came up with a very suitable and memorable melody for these words.

6th September 2017

Year 4 African Drumming

All Year 4 pupils enjoy a weekly drumming lesson for 2 terms. These enable the pupils to have fun and to experience the thrill of making music together in a group. Regular drumming also builds muscle strength and also helps stamina and agility.

24th May 2017

CJS Orchestra Perform with Woodford County High School’s Orchestra 7

This is a performance of ‘Mars’ from Holst’s ‘The Planets’. Our orchestra combines with the Woodford County High School orchestra in this very polishes performance of the difficult piece. Katie Hasler, the head of music at Wood ford County High School conducts in the tricky time signature of 5/4.