Music Videos

7th December 2018

Year 4 perform Jingle Bells

Year 4 perform "Jingle Bells" Year 4 students and teachers play "Jingle Bells" on their flutes and clarinets as part of their Christmas concert performance.
4th September 2018

CJS Upper School Choir – RNLC

Our Upper School Choir were asked to perform at a special farewell to the RNLC event in June. We could only take half of the choir due to residential trips. Our lead vocalists were some of the choir members in Rhos y Gwalia, meaning understudies had to learn their parts very quickly which they did [...]
20th December 2017

5S The Pharaoh Symphony

In this piece, 5S tried to recreate the grandeur of the pharaohs. Using instruments and scales based on archaeological evidence of ancient Egyptian music they created a dramatic structure that builds up to a sudden silence before continuing and fading out. Brass, plucked string instruments, recorders and percussion created an exciting texture.

20th December 2017

5M Egyptian Coronation

This piece builds on a dance like ostinato pattern. We used the words, ‘This is ostinato’ to help remember this ‘dotted’ rhythm. The music builds up as we imagine the royalty approaching.  When the Pharaoh arrives the trumpets and cymbals blast a fanfare to the rhythm of ‘Here comes the King!’

20th December 2017

5EK Requiem de guerre

5EK created music that conjures up the excitement and drama of an ancient Egyptian army in battle. The piece opens by setting the mood before the battle with an ostinato pattern on the ukuleles. The strong rhythms give courage to the soldiers.

20th December 2017

5ED Entertainment for the Pharaoh

This is music for dancing. It begins with a plucked string ostinato pattern before a percussion dance rhythm enters on cymbals, tambourines and bells. The main melody then comes in. This is divided between the wind section and ukuleles. The recorders play a ‘question’ phrase and the ukuleles play the ‘answer’. 

20th December 2017

Year 6 Perform The First Noel

As part of their Christmas concert, Year 6 performed an arrangement of the traditional carol, ‘The First Noel’. This arrangement required children to sing both in unison and in a difficult two-part harmony which they rehearsed in the lead up to their concert. The result was a melodious and  wonderful rendition of a well-known Christmas [...]