Sport Videos

18th November 2015

6R WW2 Glenn Miller

We try to portray the Jitterbug by making patterns with small steps of the feet.

10th November 2015

6R Street Dance

6R were lucky enough to have a Street Dance Workshop with visiting teachers from the Redbridge Drama Centre. The unique characteristic of street dancing is that, it allows dancers to express their own personal style of dancing.

10th November 2015

6H Street Dance

You do not need to be trained as a dancer, in order to excel in the genre of hip-hop dancing. However, if you have learned traditional forms of dance, you can adapt those moves into your style of dancing.

10th November 2015

5S Sky Full Of Stars

5S performed ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ at the Harvest Assembly. In this dance the children show isolations with precision and a strong use of dynamics.

10th November 2015

5C Street Dance

5C were lucky enough to have a Street Dance Workshop with visiting teachers from the Redbridge Drama Centre. Break dancing is an acrobatic style of dance so called because it was originally danced to the ‘break’ in a piece of music.

10th November 2015

4WK The Rain Forest

In the regeneration section harmony is restored. Can you see the humans hunting and preparing food, jaguars stalking and trees growing again, stretching and swaying?

10th November 2015

4D The Rain Forest

The outline of this narrative dance is that plants, animals and human life co-exist in harmony.The dance is developed through counter-tension, to show the interdependence of each section of the habitat on each other.

1st November 2015

4N The Rain Forest

Look out for the children’s interpretation of the chopping movements. They use strong dynamics on the spot using repetition and different levels, then develop them to a travelling motif.

29th March 2015

Connect It

It was a bright sunny Friday morning without clouds or rain. All 480 children assembled in the playground to perform Connect It, a dance based on one of the BBC Ten Pieces.

4th January 2015

6R Body Management Sequence

The Body Management Routine is designed to prepare the body for gymnastics. The Year 6 sequence includes skills such as japana, splits and bridge.

20th June 2013

5C Twister

Dancers in turn change places with the opposite dancer creating two spiral plaits. Twister is fun to dance and visually stunning.