Sport Videos

12th December 2016

6A Body Management Sequence

The Body Management Routine is designed to prepare the body for gymnastics. The Year 6 sequence includes skills such as japana, splits and bridge.

12th December 2016

4Wk Body Management Sequence

The Body Management Routine is designed to prepare the body for gymnastics. The Year 4 sequence includes skills such as dish with one leg out at a time, front support and lower to the floor, shoulder flexibility and broad jump.

14th November 2016

Year 3 Diwali Assembly Dance

Year 3 had fun learning Bhangra dancing which originated in the Punjab region of India. Traditionally a good harvest was celebrated by dancing and singing songs to the sound of the dhol drum.

9th November 2016

6R WW2

We used partners in our version of the East Coast Swing style dance which has 39 genres with a focus on synchronisation. The music and dance of the late 30s and early 40s gave an opportunity to forget the bleak woes of war.

9th November 2016

6M WW2

The standard arrangement for a big band was a 17-piece orchestra- typically, 5 saxophones, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones and a 4-piece rhythm section.

31st October 2016

4WK The Rainforest

4Wk learned to explore, improvise and combine movement ideas fluently and effectively representing trees, animals and humans in ‘The Rainforest.’

31st October 2016

4Wa The Rainforest

4Wa created and structured a motif in the counter-tension section of the dance using basic compositional principles such as group organisation and repetition.

31st October 2016

4G The Rainforest

4G interpreted chopping actions in unison with their partner using strong, high and low movements.

31st October 2016

4A The Rainforest

4A worked together to convey the feeling of power and strength and used pushing and scooping actions to interpret the bulldozers.

19th October 2016

5Ed & 5Ea Can You Feel The Force?

The children demonstrate counter-balance with pushing movements and counter-tension with pulling and leaning away from their partner.

19th October 2016

5K A Sky Full Of Stars

In this dance the children learnt isolations which are short, sharp movements. The dance uses a variety of compositional devices such as canons and rounds.

19th October 2016

6A WW2 In The Mood

By 1935 roughly two thirds of American households owned a radio and Swing music quickly grew in popularity. Many bands and artists produced records.