Sport Videos

18th April 2018

Maypole Dance – 6C Twister

Dancers in turn change places with the dancer opposite them on the other side of the pole, creating two spiral plaits. Fun to dance and visually stunning.
18th April 2018

Maypole Dance – 3H Silkstream

This dance is great fun. 3H enjoyed the competitive element of trying to be the first pair to complete the plait with their ribbons.
18th April 2018

Maypole Dance – 3B Silkstream

Silkstream starts with fast music, switches to a steady tempo for the promenade and then returns to the fast music to finish.
18th April 2018

Maypole Dance – 4B Barber’s Pole

A development of circling with the inner and outer circles moving in opposite directions. Creates two separate spirals around the pole.
18th April 2018

Maypole Dance – 4E Barber’s Pole

A very traditional dance that appears wherever there are maypoles. The different colours of the ribbons create an attractive pattern.
2nd February 2018

Redbridge Primary Dance Competition – Year 6 Dance Club

On Wednesday 31st January, Dance Club participated in the Redbridge Primary Dance Competition. As a result, we came second! Dance Club have been practising this dance since September and have really enjoyed all of the rehearsals.

20th December 2017

Can You Feel The Force 5Ed and 5M

5Ed explored counter-balance and counter-tension movements to demonstrate pushing and pulling with their partner.
20th December 2017

6M Body Management Dance

The aim of this term’s work was to teach the children key skills to make a sequence. A sequence is a series of actions linked together.
20th December 2017

6C Body Management Dance

6C demonstrated good technique and showed control over their actions in the Key Step 3 Body Management routine.
20th December 2017

Year 3 Bhangra Dance

This dance originated in the Punjab region of India and Year 3 enjoyed performing in the Diwali Assembly using a good sense of dynamics.