Sport Videos

2nd February 2018

Redbridge Primary Dance Competition – Year 6 Dance Club

On Wednesday 31st January, Dance Club participated in the Redbridge Primary Dance Competition. As a result, we came second! Dance Club have been practising this dance since September and have really enjoyed all of the rehearsals. Everyone is extremely proud of how well we did and our performance was perfect on the day. By Lucie, [...]
29th March 2017

6C Twister

Dancers in turn change places with the dancer opposite them on the other side of the pole, creating two spiral plaits. 6C found Twister fun to dance and the pattern created was visually stunning.

29th March 2017

6M Chrysanythemum

This dance was originally created by Chris Turner. A simple dance with only a quarter of the dancers moving in their colour group at any one time. The pattern resembles the long petals of a chrysanthemum.