Physical education is carefully prepared, planned and delivered by a ball sports specialist at our school. We are also fortunate enough to have a qualified dance and gymnastics specialist. In unison, the coaches and teachers work together ensuring 480 pupils receive two hours of high quality PE each week.


Sports that are coached at our school are wide and varied, giving the children options to enjoy and excel. A vast range of sports including: handball, basketball, netball, football, hockey, tag rugby, badminton, tennis, kwik cricket, rounders, athletics, dodgeball, benchball, dance and gymnastics, are delivered throughout the academic sporting calendar.


The children have also had the opportunity to sample lacrosse and archery as well as sailing for Year 6. In addition to the PE curriculum, Year 6 children spend 7 days at an Outdoor Educational Centre in Wales. PE is exceptionally high quality and the curriculum is constantly being reviewed.