Global Citizens

Who We Are

We are the Global Citizens and our job is to reach out and learn from other countries and people while also sharing what we do here in South Woodford with the rest of the world. We think about the priorities that some countries might have and the help that they might ask for. We look at common issues that are important in the world right now.

What We Do

We spend our time looking to connect with other parts of the world in order to learn about new cultures and traditions. This year we have already helped to make links with Australia, Brazil and China. These links not only help us learn new things but also enhance our curriculum here at Churchfields, linking to topics we cover in Geography and History.

We share what we do at Churchfields with other schools, including our advocate scheme, how we raise money for charity and our walk to school project. If you want to be a positive influence on your community and communities around the world then join up!

Hello from Tokyo


  • A more sustainable future
  • A fairer future
  • A more secure future
  • A more prosperous future for all