24th September 2017

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George’s Marvellous Medicine fizzwhizzing fans in Year 3

During the first half of Autumn term, Year 3 delved into the magical world of
Roald Dahl. The story chosen for our Class Text was: George’s Marvellous Medicine – a firm favourite with both the children and their teachers!


Our learning took us on a journey where we read the text with expression and explored the use of italics to emphasise certain words and phrases; described the main characters’ appearances and personalities; used persuasive techniques to try to convince George not to make the medicine; wrote a diary entry from the perspective of George and finally created our own set of instructions for our very own marvellous medicines!


We enjoyed this book so much we are all now fantastic fizzwhizzing fans of this author! In the second half of Autumn term, Year 3 will study James and the Giant Peach. We will learn how to construct a play script and develop our use of first person narrative.