Who We Are

We are 32 pupils from each year group, who love to be active outdoors, whatever the weather. We meet every week and are keen to develop our skills to prepare the soil, sow, plant and water. We are learning basic gardening terms and how to use gardening tools.

What We Do

Under the leadership of our Head Teacher, Mrs Emeny, along with Year 6 Class Teacher Mr Webster, pupils have developed skills in horticulture, conservation and a variety of outdoor crafts.


Pupils learn about composting – what can and cannot be composted – and how to build and turn a heap to aid decomposition. They are now in charge of collecting worms and waste to add to the compost. Additionally, produce from the school garden is not wasted, but sold to parents or supplies the school kitchen – and with over 480 pupils and staff mouths to feed daily – that’s a big undertaking. So along with the pleasures of growing and nurturing plants and seeds, pupils learn about the business and economic aspects of horticultural production and have learned the ‘value’ of growing things.

Weeding the peas in the garden

Make a Difference

  • Pupils will learn to care for their environment with a daily litter duty.
  • Build a bug hotel to make our school more wildlife friendly.
  • Pupils will decide what they want to grow to eat and will sell surplus crops to parents, to learn about the economic aspects of horticulture.
  • Create bird feeders and nesting boxes to encourage birds into the school garden.



Planting is one of my favourite activities to do outside. I enjoy growing both fruit and vegetables because after all of the effort, the food tastes fresh and wonderful. Alek 6G

Gardening is a pupil leadership group I would love to experience as I have a passion for helping the environment. Not only this, but I believe nature is so pretty, that there should be more of it for everyone to see. Freya 6W

Gardening is my favourite activity because I love nature and growing fruit and veg as I like to stay healthy. My favourite fruit to grow are strawberries and the easiest vegetable to grow are potatoes. Galal 5W

Why I wanted to be in the gardening pupil leadership group is because when I dig into the ground to plant something, I can see all the creatures underground. My favourite things to plant are trees because they give us fresh oxygen. Growing fruit trees such as apple trees is another of my favourites. Ashita 4C

Growing plants is something I enjoy because when they are ripe we get to eat them. By the end of the year, we will have an amazing greenhouse full of lovely fruit and vegetables. Umar 6Wa

Gardening is something I enjoy because it is a good activity to keep you busy. Also, you can discover new plants and information you did not know. Katie 6K

My favourite thing about gardening is growing fruit and vegetables for the school for everyone to share. Growing plants helps us to breathe and not starve to death. Marcus 5B

Growing fruit like strawberries is why I wanted to join the gardening group because the fruit will be freshly grown. Flowers are another reason why I wanted to become a gardener because they smell so good and make our surroundings in Churchfields Junior School look lovely. Natasha 5W

Gardening is really fun and I am looking forward to growing plants, fruit and veg. My favourite fruit is strawberries and I like to smell the beautiful flowers just like the bees. Fatima 4M

My favourite thing about gardening is that I get to learn more about nature. Growing plants is a great thing because it helps keep the earth’s air clean and flowers smell and look really beautiful. Luna M 4N

I want to be a gardener because I love nature and growing plants. I enjoy planting seeds and bulbs and growing them into vegetables which get sent to the kitchen for us all to eat. I am so happy to be a gardener. Izzy Lola 5T

My favourite herb to grow is mint because it smells so good. I also love smelling the flowers and learning their names. Eli 4C

Flowers are great because they make your surroundings beautiful. My favourite part about gardening is planting and picking fruit and vegetables.

Gardening is an activity I am looking forward to doing this year. I a looking forward to growing lots of different types of plants. Afrah 4N

My favourite thing about gardening is planting fruit and vegetables to eat and share with my family and friends. I also love going around the school and learning names of trees and flowers. Catherine 4S

Litter picking is important to look after the field. I want to grow fruit to eat. Kumba 4M

I want to be a gardener because I want to plant and grow fruit and vegetables. Georgi 3W

Watching fruit growing is quite satisfying and eating delicious fruit is a different level of happiness.  Ahyaan 5B

Growing fruit is good because I want to be healthy and planting flowers is good because they smell nice and are good for bees. Ed 4S

Growing is a great thing to do because we can eat healthy fruit and vegetables from the garden. The reason I like planting strawberries is because they smell lovely and are so tasty. Aidan 3A

Growing is in my nature. I chose to be a gardener because I know you get to grow and eat strawberries. By growing flowers we make our school look really beautiful too. Ana 5L

My favourite thing about gardening is growing fruit to eat. I love strawberries, blueberries and apples. Ayaan 3Wa

My favourite plant is my grape vine. I’m looking forward to planning what plants to grow at my school. Nico 3H

When I am older I want to become a gardener. The Gardening Pupil Leadership Group will help me learn the names of plants and types of trees. Marin 3Wa

My favourite part of gardening is that we grow plants to help us live. Kit 3Wa

Gardening club makes me happy as I like planting flowers, fruit and vegetables. Maria 3H

Gardening is fun. I like flowers too. Adrian 3A

I love watching plants growing because I know I have helped to make them grow. Emily 3A

I love gardening because when I was a baby I did gardening with my mum. I like planting bulbs and growing vegetables. Mia 3W

I choose the gardening group because I want to learn how to help plants to grow. It is important because we need vegetables to be healthy. Haithem 3H