Find Your Voice

Who We Are

We are the Find Your Voice group. We want to be the voice of Churchfields and show everyone what it means to be confident, articulate and to the point.


We want people to sit up and take note and hear what we have to say and to help others to speak up and out clearly too.

What We Do

Every Tuesday we meet with Mr Evans and focus on the three elements of performance: voice, actions and expression. We reflect on how we are using each of these to put a message across. We have learned performance poems including works by Dylan Thomas and Roger McGough. We also take part in Mr Evans’s assemblies.


We also play games where we have to speak on the spot without hesitation or repetition. We hope that by working on finding our voices we will have greater confidence and clarity.

Max, member of Finding Your Voice




I want to learn how to be confident and to make eye contact.


I have chosen this club because I want to be brave and learn to stand up and speak in front of different people.


The reason why I joined Finding Your Voice is because I wanted to be able to speak in public confidently. Generally I am shy in front of a big group of people, but when there are only a couple of people and I get to know them well I would be confident enough to make a speech in front of them. I know when people are listening to me if they are keeping eye contact.


I want to be in the Finding Your Voice club because I want to learn how to stand up and speak out.


I came here to find my voice to learn and have more feelings. I am also learning to say the right things.



I love learning about how to speak.


I like Finding Your Voice because you get to watch videos and I am yet to find my voice.


The reason I joined ‘Finding my Voice’ is because it teaches you how to talk with expression and it shows you how to be confident. In the future, I think this will help me. In my opinion, this club is FANTASTIC and I would definitely recommend it.


I chose this group to be more confident in my speaking and also to be able to keep eye contact while speaking and really engage with my audience. Before I came to this group I was a confident speaker but now that I have attend this group I am now a brilliant speaker and I am not afraid to use my confidence to speak in public. I think that next year I will be a fantastic speaker. I think this group has really helped me.


I am here because I need more confidence in my voice.


I like finding your voice because it is fun, you get to say what you are feeling today and then you can do activities. It also helps you become more confident.


I am in finding your voice because I want to learn more confidence in my voice and speak better and stand in front of other people.


I am here because I want to practise my confidence in my voice because at the start I didn’t feel confident but now I am very confident.




I am in Finding your Voice to learn how to be like Mr Evans speaking in assembly and be confident when talking in front of people.



I wanted to be in finding your voice because I would like to learn about the voice and speaking out loud.


I came here because I want to study about speaking aloud.



This group has made me more confident and I can stand up and say sentences.


I am here because I like it and here you can read things and say it and perform.


The reason why I joined finding your voice was because I wanted to speak confidential in places. I have been practising speaking clearly and to be really loud so everyone can hear me.


The reason why I came to this group is because I wanted to have a big voice and be confident to speak to lots of people.



I chose to be in this group because I can speak up and want to be confident at speaking. I want to find my voice of happiness.