Eco Committee

Who We Are

We are the mighty Eco Committee and our job is to help the planet by spreading awareness of environmental issues and doing our best to lead change.

If you are interested about being an Eco Warrior for next year, or just want to find out what we do, ask any member of the Eco Committee (you’ll see us wearing a snazzy Eco Committee badge) or find our names and faces on the Eco-Board, or alternatively ask Mr Easter or Mr Carey.

What We Do

As an Eco-School, we start the year by completing an Environmental Review of the different topics: Biodiversity, Marine, Energy, Litter, Water, Healthy Living, School Grounds, Global Citizenship, Transport and Waste. You can see our Environmental Review on our Eco-Board. We then decide which topics we will want to work on. We have lots of discussion and a vote to make a choice. This year we chose Waste, Litter and Biodiversity.


We then split into groups to write an action plan and learn about why we monitor changes and evaluate. We decide who will complete the different tasks it takes to make a change. We learn teamwork, how to plan and how to be leaders.


This year, our plan has led us to change how we collect waste. We have recycling bins now for pens, oral care products, paper and batteries. We took a survey in the hall at lunch and found many children were throwing food away – we’ve greatly reduced this now by giving more pupils more choice about food quantities and limiting puddings to those who are still hungry. Single-use plastics have been eliminated from school dinners too!


We take part in national campaigns like the Spring Clean, when we collect litter in Churchfields Gardens, What’s Under Your Feet?, where we analysed the invertebrates living in our field, Waste Week, when we aim to monitor and reduce waste and deliver an assembly on waste and litter, and RSPB Birdwatch and the Blue Campaign. We often write a page for the school newsletter and post on social media to tell adults what we have been doing!

The Eco Committee digging

Make a Difference

  • Share ideas in weekly Eco Commitee meetings help us up to date and gives us the opportunity to feed back to our classes what we have discussed.
  • Speak in school assemblies to promote our Eco Code: reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse and repair and tell everyone about global threats.
  • Monitoring of waste, wildlife and litter (more topics next year).
  • Poster competitions – encouraging everyone in the school and the borough to recycle and use the recycling school bins.
  • Write newsletters and info for pupils and parents.
  • Litter Heroes – join litter picks and monitor littering on Friday (we only have snacks that create litter on Fridays now).




Being part of the Eco Committee was important because I like looking and experimenting with bugs and animals and what they do and how they adapt to the school environment.


I wanted to be a member of the Eco Committee because I have a lot of good plans for this amazing school.  I am also very good with animals as I have a number of pets.  I enjoy gardening with my family in my garden especially in the Autumn.  I want this school to be as eco-friendly as possible.  I would like to develop our field and our playground.  For example, we could have rubbish monitors or something like that.


I would like to help the school and also I like nature such as helping animals, growing healthy plants, looking after the environment.  I like doing duties for the school like picking up litter. My ambition would be to stop pollution and also stop people dropping litter.


I joined the Eco Committee because I like to have a nice environment in the school.  I wanted to help the world be free of litter.


I wanted to become a part of the Eco Committee because this was my final year at Churchfields and all through my life I have wanted to discover the many secrets of their lives, as well as helping the environment become a better place and keep these brilliant animals alive forever.  I would like to see the environment at Churchfields Junior School be as clean as possible.


I wanted to be in the Eco Committee because I would want the school to be clean and to make sure that the environment is clean.  Also because that way I can make sure people can recycle so we do not have to cut trees down so we can breathe.  Another reason is so we can spot people when they litter so then we can tell them to put it in the bin.  As an Eco Committee member I want to make sure that people turn off lights and taps.


I would want to help the world of pollution because the world will just be a pile of trash and then people would become litter bugs and people would not be able to live in their country.  I would like our school to have bins and be clean.


I joined the Eco Committee because I love looking at Wildlife and discovering the environment around us.  Also I have done this before when I was younger, in Year 2 and 3.  I look forward to creating a home for insects. I would like people to want to put their rubbish in the bins.


I wanted to join the Eco Committee because I want to make sure the environment is clean all the time.  I also wanted to make animals safe in their environment.


I want to be in Eco-Committee because I want to stop people from littering both inside our school, our playground and in South Woodford.


I like to help the playground because I like to play there.


I wanted to join the Eco Committee because I could help nature and I could be happy and friendly to the environment.


I want to be in the Eco Committee because at home, me and my dad recycle the paper and instead of playing, I would like to recycle at school as well.


I want to join Eco Committee because I would like to reduce pollution. I will make the most of my year with this pupil voice group.


I wanted to be on Eco-Committee because it is fun to discover new things about our environment.


I want to be part of the Eco Committee because I want to help the environment and save bugs! Also I will turn the lights off and pick litter off the floor and if I see someone drop little I would ask them to pick it up and put it in the bin!  I would like to achieve making the whole school litter free and all the lights turned off.


I want to join the Eco Committee so we can have more bins in the playground and field and I would also like to encourage people to use bins.


I wanted to join because I wanted to make the place healthy for my family and I like planting.  I would like to achieve helping people make the world a better place and stop making pollution.


I love the Eco Committee because we need to tidy up and it is really important and I like nature and if there was no nature that would be bad.  So that is why I am in the Eco Committee and I want to be an Eco Worrier.


I joined the Eco Committee because I want to make the school a better place and stop people littering.  I want to make the environment a better place.


I have wanted to be a member of the Eco Committee because I wanted to help the environment and make sure all the animals are safe and healthy. I would also like to make sure that plants are protected


I like the Eco Committee because I like the world and animals.  I like different people around the world.


I would like to join Eco Committee because I would like to keep the school clean and healthy and look after it.  Plus I have not been on Eco Committee before.