7th January 2019

Rapunzel’s Wish

Rapunzel’s Wish

This term, every pupil at Churchfields Junior School was treated to a performance of ‘Rapunzel’s Wish’ at the Drama Centre, next to our school. Read the quotes below from some of our Year 3 and 5 pupils to find out all about it!


‘When the witch came, I jumped! I wasn’t expecting her to come out of the mirror – or Rapunzel’s bed!’ – Sofia Y3


‘We all enjoyed the dancing! It was really funny when they mixed up the music and they were dancing to the wrong songs!’ – Rosie Y3


‘Buster was really funny! When Rapunzel was trying to teach him how to write he didn’t do it properly.’ – Grace Y3



‘It was enjoyable to let the audience join in with the ‘hand drier’! Everyone joined in and enjoyed it – especially in the scene when they went to McDonalds (although Buster started doing the floss!)’ – Aaliyah Y5


‘There was a grouchy old lady who kept saying ‘I see…’ in a funny way and everybody laughed every time! We also had a treat – ice cream!’ – Balkaran Y5